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someone sent around an article from the internet about ctfo parenting for the summer time and it has greatly eased my mind this week. i’ve been feeling guilty about not having our days filled to the brim with activities and unschooling field trips this year. but my feeling for this week is that we’re doing all right.  if we accomplish nothing else but getting to the fruit fields, cooking up something delicious with our friends in the kitchen, playing with lincoln logs, or hosing ourselves down in the yard then we’re just fine. it might even be the best summer yet.

don’t get me wrong, we’re always busy but we’re just not on the go as much. and we certainly won’t be picking up any speed in the coming weeks. i’m ok with slowing it down for a bit. do you ever…

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Osage County, Oklahoma

Slbishop photography posted this article about Oklahoma travel. I think we need to make Osage County and the Tall Grass Preserve one of our next trips.

Rural Roads Photography

Every once in awhile I get the urge to get in the car and go.  Because I don’t have a lot of money, I can’t go far, but a good day trip away does wonders for my soul.  A few weeks ago, I got that urge and I knew the only place that would calm that urge down was the Tallgrass Prairie in Osage County.  I know that I have written a previous post on this place, but it’s worth another trip, thus another blog post.  I just love the wide open spaces and the quietness of the place.  I can see for miles, get back to nature and be at peace for just a little while.  Oh, and let’s not forget the photographs that I anticipate taking while I am there soaking up all that solitude.


The photograph above is actually Oklahoma ranch land that butts up against the…

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Redbud Valley Nature Preserve in Tulsa

Redbud Valley Nature Preserve in Tulsa

North and east of Tulsa is the Redbud Valley Nature Preserve. The park is in a valley and consists of rugged trails and a few very steep cliffs. Limestone cliffs provide an excellent habitat for a variety of wild animals, and a challenging hike for the adventurous. Many of the trees found in Redbud are similar to ones found in the Ozark Mountains such as Columbine and Dutchman’s Breeches. This nature preserve is a wonderful place to sit and ponder, sketch or, of course, hike. I took this picture of my daughter on the bluff trail, where the north facing boulders loom over the hillside.

Henna history

The crushed leaves of the henna plant have been used for thousands of years throughout the Middle East, India and Africa. The body is decorated in preparation for a special occasion or event. The designs have a variety of meanings, although most are intended to grant good fortune to the wearer. The henna is used to dye hair, nails, skin and even fabric. 

Asian-American Festival in Tulsa Oklahoma

The annual Asian American Festival came to the Martin Regional Library a couple days ago. My daughter and I make this an annual event to attend. Entrance is free as are all the performances. We were able to see Burmese dances and Eastern drummers. There was an area where children could work on crafts along with another area where representative from different countries had informational displays set up. At the start of the festival, a dragon dance was performed, and we found a very helpful instructor from the University of Oklahoma who was able to explain to us the meaning of the dance. In ancient China, the dragon was considered a rain deity, and controlled how much rain and wind to bring. A vendor from India shared fun facts about Indian street food. We enjoyed Chicken Masala from the India Palace and got a henna tattoo. We certainly plan to return next year.


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