Alhambra Turtles and Dinosaur Cake

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Is that blood on the volcano or lava?? Is that blood on the volcano or lava??

This weekend was another HOT one in Oklahoma, with the highs reaching over 100 degrees. Not to be deterred, my daughter and I went to the zoo this morning before the heat got unbearable. The good thing about a very hot day is that there almost no one at the zoo! We took our time, drank a lot of water and splashed ourselves and each other with it to stay cool. Since I have a membership, I didn’t worry about only seeing a small portion of the zoo, since we will most likely go back again within a month. We seem to find something new each time. On this visit, the usually elusive Alhambra turtle was right up against the fence to his enclosure, within arm’s reach of us. That was quite a treat, as we go to see how he eats…

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Monet in Tulsa!

My daughter and I had the privilege of visiting the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa. The museum currently is showing a focused exhibition of Claude Monet’s works inspired by the Seine River. Unfortunately we were unable to take an photos in the display area, but were able to take home memories and a brochure! According to the handout, “Monet was one of the first artists to develop the idea of painting in a series, or creating many works depicting the same subject”. He would paint along the Seine river, which was close to his home. Monet would find a place which interesting him and paint the same place in different seasons, and from different points of view.

Monet is known as an “Impressionist” painter; his works have an unfinished look, which are created by quick brush strokes, in an attempt to capture the feeling of the moment. The exhibition is on display until September 21, 2014.

I have posted copies of Morning on the Seine II and III, which were at the Philbrook Museum, and some pictures that I took in other areas of the museum.




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Tulsa County Free Fair

Today we visited the Tulsa County Free Fair. There were displays with educational materials for the kids (and adults) including information about bees, beekeeping and healthy eating, informative speakers and an area where visitors could see the competition entries.There was an exercise bicycle which turned a blender, which made a delicious veggie and fruit shake, (THAT was different). We must have come on the day of the horse competitions, because there were a LOT of horses! We met a very friendly and informative horse owner/trainer, who allowed the kids to pet the horse and shared with us quite a bit about the breed and preparing for competition. I love these learning moments!

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