10 Strange, Interesting and Unique Things I Noticed while in New York City

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Near 7th Avenue

OK, so I love lists, and had to do this one. New York City is a vibrant, energizing place, but I have noticed some very interesting things that I haven’t seen anywhere else:

1) The don’t walk sign on the street corners in New York really means just run for it if there are no cars coming.

2) The very persistent hawkers in Times Square who get right up in your face, trying to sell tickets to a show. They say the most interesting things to get your attention. My favorite was, “I really won’t hurt anyone”. That is supposed to make me buy a ticket?

3) The people in costume in Times Square (Elmo, Cookie Monster, a Rocket dancer), who come right up to you, give you a hug, and attempt to take a picture with you, then attempt to charge you a huge price for the pic! (I…

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