5 Things to do in Oklahoma when it is cold outside.

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Well, when I first thought about writing this post, it really was cold outside. However in typical Oklahoma fashion, today was 82 degrees. These are still some really fun places to visit whatever the weather.

The Myraid Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City: a lush floral garden in the middle of the city. There is even a waterfall inside!

The Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa: this is by far the largest aquarium within hundreds of miles. There is a walk through shark tank, a lot of hands of displays for the kids, a large variety of fish and aquatic animals, along with a new turtle display coming soon. If you can make it, they also have a behind the scenes shark tank tour on selected days where you can walk on a catwalk above the tank.

The Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Oklahoma City: this one was a wonderful find…

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Artemis says, “Don’t mess with me!”

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pics August 2015 002 Artemis says, “Don’t mess with me!”

This is Artemis, well Artemis the cat that is. Artemis was a stray cat who wandered into a feed store one day and was quickly adopted by the staff there. That was over 5 years ago, and she is now quite the celebrity. Most customers are familiar with her, as she frequently wanders over to say hello as you browse the shelves. Artemis now lives in the store full time, and is cared for by the staff. We always look for her when we stop there and give her a scratching behind the ears, which she loves. Her name comes with a bit of Greek history.
According to Greek Mythology.com, “Artemis was the goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the moon, and the natural environment. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of Apollo. She was born on the island of…

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Oklahoma City Science Museum, a Photo Collection

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Oklahoma City with friends late summer 2015 054 This was at the entrance to an area where kids could dress up and put on a play.

Oklahoma City with friends late summer 2015 078 Why so serious space Momma?? I wasn’t quite ready for the photo.

Oklahoma City with friends late summer 2015 065 An overview of the main area.

Oklahoma City with friends late summer 2015 030 The entrance to the museum. You can see the star theater/dome on the left.

Oklahoma City with friends late summer 2015 035 Interesting display about the electron microscope.

Oklahoma City with friends late summer 2015 033 Making fun music with pan pipes.

Oklahoma City with friends late summer 2015 056 This was one of many displays in the space area.

Oklahoma City with friends late summer 2015 038 We all tried the Segways, what fun!

Oklahoma City with friends late summer 2015 059 The space travel/outer space area was huge, and had a lot of informative displays.

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travel isn’t always easy, but it is worth it

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New York 2 036 traffic and rain, and we are only in Missouri??

My three day drive to New York from Oklahoma (and back home again) was laden with problem after problem, but at least we got to see a lot of the country! We stayed over 2 nights at hotels on the road. We got a VERY slow view of quite a bit of the country due to traffic, rain, construction and a lot of accidents (not ours thankfully, and I pray for those poor other people whose accidents we drove by, although everyone seemed OK , and emergency crews were already on the scene). I am thinking next time we will FLY! What was I thinking??

my son thought this would be an artistic pic?

New York trip pictures 2015 079 traffic leaving new york, ha ha…

New York 2 038 this cannot be a good sign…..

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#100HappyDays Post #13: Free Samples, Yum

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Kind of nasty tasting. It had a fruit paste with the gouda cheese.

This one was pretty tasty!

Don’t you just love free samples? Our local food store offers free samples of a huge variety of cheeses, especially on the weekend. It gives us a opportunity to try before we buy. We can also get a sample of lunch meat at the deli counter before we buy it, and they also offer the kids a free slice of cheese. Then on to the bakery for a free cookie! When my kids were little they always knew where the bakery was, and they got a cookie at the end of our trip. Nowadays, my youngest is 12, and no one offers her a cookie anymore, but she loves sampling the cheeses (although I am sure they would give her a cookie if she asked!).

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10 Strange, Interesting and Unique Things I Noticed while in New York City

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Near 7th Avenue

OK, so I love lists, and had to do this one. New York City is a vibrant, energizing place, but I have noticed some very interesting things that I haven’t seen anywhere else:

1) The don’t walk sign on the street corners in New York really means just run for it if there are no cars coming.

2) The very persistent hawkers in Times Square who get right up in your face, trying to sell tickets to a show. They say the most interesting things to get your attention. My favorite was, “I really won’t hurt anyone”. That is supposed to make me buy a ticket?

3) The people in costume in Times Square (Elmo, Cookie Monster, a Rocket dancer), who come right up to you, give you a hug, and attempt to take a picture with you, then attempt to charge you a huge price for the pic! (I…

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New York, New York!!

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New York 2 086

New York, New York!  The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, whatever you call it, it never fails to impress. Last week, I took my son and daughter to New York to visit our family and do some sightseeing. We drove from our home in Oklahoma to New York, taking three days and enjoying the sights along the way. Once we arrived, we had several things we really wanted to do: see a lot of the beaches, take the train to Manhattan, do some souvenir shopping and of course visit family. We wound up visiting two beaches on the south shore of Long Island and one on the north shore. The south shore beaches are sandy, great for sea shell collecting, and we managed to get some beautiful clam shells which are now in our garden. On the north shore of Long Island, the beaches are rocky, and also…

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